Have you ever struggled with Imposter Syndrome.  Up to 70% of successful people say that they have experienced imposter syndrome.  It can happen when you are experiencing something new such as a move, new job or new career.  You feel like you are an outsider and that someone is going to find you out and know that you are a fake.  Even very prominent individuals have struggled with Imposter Syndrome but they have found ways to work through it.  Please see my invitation below to join in a discussion on Taking Control of Imposter Syndrome on Tues, Sept 21st at 6pm ct.

6 Statements Which Send Imposter Syndrome Packing 

There’s never a good time to feel like you don’t belong. It can be annoying to have Imposter Syndrome crop up unexpectedly. This is true, especially when it seems to be everywhere: at work, in your social interactions, even in dealing with your kids. How can you get a handle on these negative thoughts and all those feelings like you're never going to be good enough, quickly, before it becomes a way of life? 

You start by telling it off. Try these statements: 

“You’re a Nobody” 

In fact, why not name your Imposter when it shows up to make trouble. Tell that "Nagging Nelly" to take a hike. Make "Mumbling Mike" take his criticisms elsewhere. Giving Imposter Syndrome a name does take the sting out of what it has to say. Who's going to listen to someone named "Grumpy Gus"? 

“I’m Going to Tell” 

Sharing with others can be very helpful when dealing with Imposter Syndrome. After all, the Imposter would have you isolate, lest the world finds out just how awful you are. But when you draw others close, you're going to find out you have people who genuinely love and respect you…and for a good reason. Imposter Syndrome can't stand up to this kind of love and support. 

“I Don’t Have Time for You” 

It takes a lot of real estate in your calendar to worry about what others are thinking all the time. Instead of dwelling on negativity which serves no one, why not get busy doing something else? Throwing yourself into a project or spending time with people who build you up will keep you so preoccupied, you won’t have time to get lost in the downward spiral of Imposter Syndrome. 

“I Know More Than You Think” 

Imposter Syndrome will convince you you're a fraud. It will dig in and point out how little you know and threaten you with showing the whole world just how ignorant you are. But you can't be touched by these kinds of thoughts when you're secure in your skillset, know your knowledge, and embrace your expertise. Make a list of all the great things you do know with certainty and show Imposter Syndrome just how smart you are. 

“I Belong” 

Imposter Syndrome will never allow you to feel at home anywhere. You're never good enough in your relationship, job, or even in your own home. Don't even let these thoughts get into your head. Tell Imposter Syndrome you're right where you want to be. Furthermore, you're right where you deserve to be. 

“I Am Amazing” 

In the end, the only thing left to do is to embrace the funny, quirky, smart, silly, and exceptional person you are. Imposter Syndrome has no business messing with someone as awesome as you. You’ve got better things to do with your life! 


I invite you to join me as my guest at the IAW (International Association of Women) - Kansas City Fireside  Chat  where I will host an interactive discussion about Taking Control of Imposter Syndrome.

Tuesday, September 21st 

6-6:45 PM

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