Dear Amanda,

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  

I am enjoying the quiet and long weekend allowing for some time to slow down and re-charge.  Yesterday, we finally filled some of the planters with flowers, moved a bunch of hostas and John safely dared the ladder to clean out a few filled gutters.  Caitlyn has returned home from K-State for the summer and Jacob will be departing Amsterdam to head to Belgrade for the next month where he will get vaccinated and work on finishing his thesis.  I am so proud of my children!  I am also proud of all of the service men and women who have given their lives in defending our nation.

I would like to ask for your help.  I am very exited to be launching a virtual group coaching program: Women Rising - Create the Life of Your Dreams on June 7th.  If you could help share this opportunity with any women who you feel would benefit, I would appreciate it.

This 6-week course will provide powerful insight designed to transform your life. Join us as we re-discover our dreams and begin to create the path to achieve them.  We will create our vision boards and begin to manifest these dreams with the support of a community of women.  This program will also include an individual 60 minute coaching session.

Mondays: June 7th - July 19th, 2021  (no meeting on July 5th):  7:00 - 8:15 pm CDT

 More Information

Are You Truly Satisfied with Your Life?

No one is happy all the time. Even if you’re unhappy sometimes you can be satisfied with your life. Most satisfied people share similar behaviors, such as:

Making Good Decisions - Since you know who you are, decision making becomes easier because you have a basis for making them. You know your principles, morals, and values and how it all relates and use that to guide the decision-making process over someone else’s opinions.

Taking Calculated Risks - While you acknowledge that some of your life is based on chance (your parents, where you were born, etc.), many things are based on your own choices. When you have the accurate information, you can reach your goals by taking action and making modifications as needed.

Accepting and Working Around Your Limits - People who live a satisfying life know that everyone must adjust, due to personal limitations. For example, a deaf person learns and uses other methods to help them communicate with people who can hear.

Have Realistic Expectations of Yourself and Others - When your expectations are based on facts, you develop the ability to let go of unrealistic expectations. If you have them sometimes, it’s easier to identify them and move on.

Thrive on Positive Impacts - As a satisfied person, you know that impact is more important than intent and act accordingly. If you want your impact on the world to be positive, you must understand causation.

Get Excited Learning Something New - Being satisfied doesn’t mean being complacent. If you want to remain satisfied for life, you need to keep learning new things. Being open to new ideas will increase your satisfaction.

You Know When to Let Go - Satisfied people don’t stop trying new things, but they know when to stop trying something that isn’t working due to setting realistic smart goals. Satisfied people know when to move on.

When you realize that satisfaction is about many different aspects of your life, all rolled into one that can be best described as contentment than happiness. It becomes a lot easier to experience success.

Resource Corner

I recently found where I can make FREE videos.  I have been using this platform to create short training videos for work.  It allows for screen share with and without video.  I love it!  It is also a neat way to create a quick video to send in email to a co-worker, family member or friend.  Try it out!

Check out my Loom Video Here:  Check out My Loom Video Here


Wishing you a wonderful long weekend!




Amanda Hahn
Amanda Hahn Coaching